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Spring Pruning Tips

When pruning always use sharp, clean tools. The tools you will need are pruning shears, long handled loppers and a pruning saw.

When pruning the basic rule of the 3 D’s applies, remove dead, diseased, and damaged wood.

You also prune to shape a plant to make it shorter, thinner or bushier. As shrubs get overgrown you may want to renew or rejuvenate an aging specimen whose branches have become crowded. Every year 1/3 of the old growth can be removed to maintain a healthier plant.

With flowering shrubs your concern is when they bloom. If you prune an early bloomer such as azaleas or forsythia in early spring you will lose the flower show for that year. Summer or fall blooming shrubs can be pruned during the winter or early spring.

If you are unsure of when or how to prune a plant, stop by Keene On Gardens and one of our knowledgeable staff would be pleased to help you